Every Image is a Story

With more than 1.8 billion photos shared every day, a visual conversation is taking place. Your brand should be part of it.

Chute provides scalable and effective solutions to engage with your fans and easily request the rights to amplify authentic photos and videos on your website, ads, social networks and more.

How Chute Rights Works



Unearth all of the unique stories your customers are telling about your brand.



Spark a conversation between you and your fans around their authentic photos and videos.



Collaborate with brand enthusiasts to actively tell your story.

Clear Rights On Your Terms

Fans can authorize use of their photos or videos by replying directly to the request from their mobile device using a unique hashtag.

Fans can also upload photos and videos directly on a website or landing page to secure necessary permissions.

Require consumers visit a landing page with the complete terms and conditions to provide rights approval.


"Prior to Chute, it was incredibly time consuming to find fan photos and videos, let alone secure the rights to use them. Chute allows us to communicate through a visual platform, breaking down traditional barriers between brand and consumer – something tremendously impactful for a beauty brand.”
- Claudia Allwood, Director, U.S. Digital Marketing, Benefit Cosmetics

Automate Rights Requests

Send messages at scale - Chute allows you to customize multiple rights request messages, automatically listen for each consumer's response and screen capture the interactions so you have a digital record of the acceptance. Request rights on Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.

Real-time Response Metrics

Analytics provide you with an up-to-the-minute response rate to any outstanding requests. More than 85% of consumers have approved the use of their images and videos by brands within the first 30 minutes when asked via Chute Rights.

More On User Rights

The legalities around using user-generated content can seem confusing: Am I covered under fair use? Is this branded hashtag enough? Luckily, we’ve put together this free Social Media Rights & User-Generated Content Guide to answer all of your burning questions. Download here.