How Chute Discover Works

Discover enables you to quickly identify the best content, influencers and topics for your brand. Our visual search engine makes it possible to pinpoint the perfect photos and videos for your marketing needs by filtering by keyword or with Chute’s proprietary computer vision, which scans images for logos, objects and scenes.

Collect Photos and Videos

Track photos and videos shared about your brand, industry and competitors by hashtag, brand logos, objects, scenes or even by curated lists of creators, like key influencers, followers or customers.

Chute Discover - Collect

Find Inspiration

Organize these photos and videos by popularity, trends, associated topics, content creators, geo or time to better understand your audience and spur ideas for future marketing campaigns to achieve desired results.

Chute Discover - Inspire

Search and Discover Content

Search images by keywords or by scanning the images for your brand logo, objects, scenes, like beaches or cityscapes, and even similar images with IRIS(™), computer vision technology, to uncover the perfect image for your next tweet or hundreds of photos to fuel your next marketing campaign. Learn More About IRIS

Chute Discover - Search

Take Action

Chute Rights is built into Discover, so you can send a one-off request or send several requests at once to obtain permission to use the images you find. Once approved, the photos easily flow into Chute Workspace and Chute Social as part of a larger marketing campaign or for your next social post or ad on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Chute Discover - Action