Chute’s suite of tools offer a holistic solution to user-generated content marketing

UGC Management

Discover, store, organize and manage both your owned and earned content. Chute enables you to customize your content workflows and folders to ensure you don't have to change your existing process and allows you to control permissions.

Social Image Search

With both Chute’s proprietary IRIS™ AI image recognition technology, and the ability to search via hashtag and geo, Chute is the most powerful tool to search through the billions of photos shared to social media to pinpoint the images you need.

Geolocation Tracking & Filtering

For travel brands and destinations, geolocation that works is key. Chute offers the most powerful method of tracking and filtering social images based on users’ geotags.

Social Media Rights Management

Chute was the first to introduce social media rights to the market because we know the importance of protecting your brand, as well as creating relationships with your audience. We continue to offer the most robust automated rights management solutions for UGC - whether on Instagram, Twitter or YouTube.

Analytics & Data

Social media is rife with data marketers can use to better understand and target their audience. Chute makes it possible to analyze this public data. Plus, get stats on your work through Chute, from Instagram analytics to click-through rates to optimize your use of authentic media.


We know you and your customers are mobile. Accordingly, our desktop app is also a mobile app - making it easy to moderate content and send rights requests while on the go, and all of our galleries are mobile responsive. Plus, the Capture app allows you to empower your frontline staff to securely share photos with your team.


Quickly create blog content that jumps with drag and drop images or photo galleries made with your earned and owned media.


Link to destination partners or shoppable items in the Chute platform to generate real profits and deeper engagement user-generated content.


Bring travel guides into the future with Chute’s Destination Concierge™. Let the Chute team build an intelligent bot to provide frequently needed information.


Effortlessly launch contests with Chute Pages, a WYSIWYG tool that lets you build and launch in minutes!

Influencer Marketing

Whitelist vetted influencers by having them auth into Chute, so you can automatically track and collect their content.

Social Publishing

Take the content you manage in Chute and schedule it out to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Managed Services

Let Chute's trained moderators be an extension of your team to source the best content, send rights messages, and even build galleries.

Live Events

Engage your event attendees with live real-time displays of user-generated content.

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