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Why Chute?

Let the statistics speak for themselves.


By engaging with content creators using Chute, marketers see an exponential increase in the amount of content related to their brand being shared on social media.


By adding user-generated content taken from Chute, marketers saw an increase in the overall performance of their paid media efforts.


By implementing user-generated content galleries showing real traveler experiences, marketers see decreases in bounce rates and increases in time-on-site.
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Social Media & Travel

Social media is the #1 place people get inspired to travel. Today’s travelers book differently. The traveler journey is filled with many stops, but throughout the entire inspiration and planning process they are using social media. In fact, it has become the number one source for travel inspiration today. Chute helps you engage these individuals with authentic social content at every stage in their booking journey.

The Numbers

83% of travelers don't visit destination websites


75% don't follow travel brands on social media


74% of millennials would rather see UGC photos/videos over professional content


Platform Overview

Here’s how Chute uniquely enables you to reach them, effectively.


Chute offers the world’s most powerful method to discover and filter authentic photos and videos based on hashtag, geolocation, time and our proprietary image recognition technology, IRIS™. These tools help marketers discover content faster, monitor the conversation around your brand, and track competitors’ social engagement.


Chute makes it simple to manage all of your visual content – whether owned or earned. Plus, with the first automated rights management tool, Chute continues to offer the most advanced methods for sourcing content across multiple social platforms.


Schedule and publish directly to social media, live galleries on websites or in out-of-home displays whether with the Chute API or through Chute’s easy-to-use out of the box templates. Plus, tag your user-generated content with additional information and links to connect content to bookings and sales to drive real revenue.


Filter by hashtags, geolocation, or image recognition to find inspiration for your next marketing campaign. Plus, measure the effectiveness of your Chute campaigns and content.

Marketers ❤ Chute

Read what other marketers have to say about their experience using Chute!

Claudia Allwood

Director, U.S. Digital Marketing

Prior to Chute, it was incredibly time consuming to find fan photos and videos, let alone secure the rights to use them. Chute allows us to communicate through a visual platform, breaking down traditional barriers between brand and consumer – something tremendously impactful for a beauty brand.

Chad Wiebesick

VP, Integrated Marketing

We like Chute because it’s a robust platform with bells & whistles compared to competition in the marketplace. Chute is also small enough to be nimble to our needs. The customer service, product team, etc. are very responsive, and we feel like they are listening to our feedback, and applying that to the software.

Jayson Smith

Director of Digital Marketing

The quality of user-generated photography from our community that we find with Chute is better than anything we could buy, and it resonates more than professionally created content. Across the board, it is performing well ahead of other content, driving efficiency and great results.


Chute makes it easy to find, get rights to, and publish the best user-generated content.
Check out the images we discovered and rights-cleared through Chute below!


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