Your customers are your best salespeople – proudly sharing their purchases every day. Put their photos at the center of your merchandising.

Social Merchandising with Chute Commerce

Publish dynamic displays using both customer and professional photos of your products at every customer touch point.

Make Your Brand’s Instagram Photos Shoppable

Chute turns brands’ Instagram feeds into shoppable experiences where followers can purchase directly through the profile URL.

  1. Stillmanstreet instagram page on mobile phone

    Followers discover products through your feed and click the profile link to purchase.

  2. Stillmanstreet instagram shop on mobile phone

    They are taken to a shoppable display where they can browse your featured products.

  3. Stillmanstreet product purchase site on mobile phone

    By clicking on a photo, fans land on the appropriate product page, where they can make a purchase.

Chute Commerce Behind the Scenes

Chute’s social merchandising displays are powered by robust tools behind-the-scenes, including real-time analytics and customizable visual media management solutions.

Simple Asset Management

Cut through the noise with Chute’s automatic photo and video discovery, tagging and management tools. Discover branded content from Instagram and Twitter or empower your customers to directly upload images to your site. Use auto-tagging to turn customer photos into product links and shoppable ads.


Real-time Analytics

Track increases in engagement, conversion and revenue uplift with Chute’s robust analytics dashboard and seamlessly link to your existing analytics platforms.

Analytics interface

Easy Integration

Chute Commerce seamlessly integrates with your commerce platform – a few lines of code and you’re done! Hook into your existing product feed and Chute can help identify and match customer photos to products, not only saving you time, but also keeping fresh, relevant visual media on your storefront.

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Rich Customer Engagement

Make marketing collaborative. Reward your customer advocates by recognizing their creations and gaining permission to use their media alongside your merchandise.

Text communication between brand and customer

How Chute Commerce Helps Brand Retailers

Chute is a visual marketing automation platform. Our solution makes it simple to discover quality customer photos and videos, secure the necessary permissions to use them and publish them across all of your marketing efforts – whether owned, earned or paid.

  • Publishing

    Automatically publish customer photos anywhere — from product pages to shoppable social hubs

    Create unique and memorable shopping experiences by giving your customers the spotlight

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  • Insights & Analytics

    Access real-time analytics to evaluate ROI

    Identify key influencers you need to engage

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Chute for commerce

Easily integrate customer stories into your merchandising

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  • Engage with fans in real-time, at scale, to drive brand affinity
  • Access real-time analytics to evaluate ROI
  • Identify key influencers you need to engage
  • Scale the process to secure permission to use UGC on your store