Empower Employees & Ambassadors

Whether in-store, at a live event, or through social engagement, Chute’s brand advocate tools allow you to make and maintain connections to your most passionate and effective marketers by collecting rights-cleared photos and videos.

Empower Employees & Ambassadors

Capture App

The Chute Capture app for iOS and Android allows brands and publishers to source photos in real-time, from employees and ambassadors. Capture collects user data, is fully customizable, and makes sourcing content either at a live event, a breaking news story or in-store a snap.


Tailor the app to match your brand guidelines – from modifying colors, adding your logo, to changing text and form fields.

Whitelisting & Blacklisting

Create custom flows for the content shared by curated groups of users from your top fans, employees, or news staff. Plus, this content is already rights-cleared, saving your team an extra step. This works both ways: with Blacklisting, easily prevent specific users or brands from infiltrating your campaigns or feed.

Empower Employees & Ambassadors


Want to keep your submissions to 18+ or 21+ fans? Chute’s age-gating tools make this easy by pulling from followers already authenticated as above a certain age or by adding an age-lock layer to landing pages.

Age Gating

Why a Brand Advocacy Program?

Employees and ambassadors know your brand the best. They are at the frontlines, interacting with customers both in-person and online. However, this is a largely untapped source of brand content, wich can be used both for publishing and inspiration.

Claudia Allwood
Accoring to Gallup, 87% of consumers said positive reviews confirmed a purchasing decision.
Claudia Allwood
Employee engagement matters: companies with high engagement levels have 3.9 times the earnings per share compared to those in the same industry with lower engagement levels.