Check out some of the ways Chute works with top brands, agencies and publishers to create engaging user-experiences.

Always-on Focus Group of Influencers

Follow the photos and videos shared by a subset of your customers or influencers for a highly curated list of content and rich insights for your brand and industry.

  • Coffee Girl
  • Coffee Girl
  • Coffee Girl

Consumer & Competitive Insights

Tap into a real-time stream of consumer photos and videos to uncover the topics, trends and people your brand should know to guide your next marketing campaign and even your product road map.

  • Coffee Girl
  • Coffee Girl
  • Coffee Girl

Brand Advocate Suite

The Chute Brand Advocate Suite is a bundle of tools, which make it incredibly simple to activate and empower your employees and ambassadors to contribute photos, which complement your marketing with its customizable mobile app, Chute Capture, and whitelisting/blacklisting and age-gating tools.

  • White Listing
  • Age Gating
  • Capture App


Chute allows you to easily spice up your digital ads by infusing them with dynamic fan photos and videos. Ads automatically update with the latest approved media, which means they remain fresh with little effort. Additionally, this organic content performs better - banner ads with Instagram-style photos increase conversion rates by as much as 25%!

  • The Daily Traveler website
  • BBC website
  • GQ website

Shoppable Instagram

Turn your brand’s Instagram feed into a shoppable experience by using the profile URL. When followers see an item they wish to purchase, they click the link and are directed to a shoppable gallery of your brands Instagram images, all linking to the appropriate product pages, where they can make an immediate purchase (instant gratification).

  • Shoppable Instagram
  • Shoppable Instagram
  • Shoppable Instagram


Consumers are heavily influenced by their social networks: 88% of shoppers consult reviews before purchasing and 92% of consumers trust earned media more than any other form of advertising. Chute makes it easy to incorporate photos of customers wearing and using your products into your online store and product pages as visual endorsements to increase conversion rate and cart size.

  • Nine West website
  • Loft website
  • Benefit website


Collect and display photo and video contest submissions in a digital display, which includes voting and sharing capabilities - further spreading awareness about your contest and driving overall brand engagement.

  • Keds Pic Challenge website
  • Carnival Photo contest website
  • Website with #doaustin hashtag

Social Hubs

Highlight your fans in a microsite of curated photos and videos from a hashtag campaign, brand hashtag or other call-to-action. These can be separate websites or embedded into your existing website and social properties.

  • Sunday Night Football website
  • The State of our Union website
  • Inst@list website

Live Events

Capture the excitement and buzz at games, concerts, festivals and conferences with a live display streaming real-time photos, videos and tweets from the audience. Live displays increase the level of engagement and sharing from fans - who doesn’t like 15 seconds of fame?

  • Man interacting with large touch screen
  • Sports stadium with large screen and ad on it
  • Yotel terminal


Add geolocation to any digital display, making it easy to organize and segment photos based on country, state or city.

  • Follow SNF website
  • Stormgrams website
  • CN Traveler website