How Chute Workspace Works

Workspace is your command center to collect, organize, create, and publish every marketing campaign. Photos and videos automatically flow through custom workflows based on your organization’s needs and requirements, which automates the process of creating effective visual marketing campaigns.

Fill the Content Void

Automatically collect photos, videos and tweets about your brand from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by tracking hashtags and people. Find additional photos with IRIS(™), Chute’s proprietary computer vision technology, which detects logos, objects, scenes and similar photos. You can also incorporate Chute’s Media Chooser into your website or social hub, which allows your fans to upload content from any source - even their local hard drives.

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Manage Workflows and Internal Permissions

Use fan photos and videos independently or alongside your professional imagery, all of which can be stored in Chute’s Content Asset Management system. Customize content workflows to match your internal processes and requirements. Control Workspace access and features based on the roles of every user within your account, including agency partners.

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Obtain Rights-Cleared Consumer Images

Obtain permission with a simple hashtag reply or through a separate landing page based on your company’s preference with our best-in-class rights management system. Chute keeps screenshots of every step of the process, so you have a clear record of any permissions granted. Sit back, relax and wait for photos to appear in your Rights Cleared folder. Our customers see an 85% acceptance rate to use fan content, most within the first 5 minutes of the request. Learn more about Chute Rights.

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Publish Visual Media Everywhere

Chute is a one-stop content shop. From mobile devices to billboards - fan photos and videos published every day, across all of your marketing channels - whether earned, owned or paid.

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Evaluate Success with Social Analytics

Review engagement rates, site interactions, shares, votes, and more for every campaign, photo and video you publish. For e-commerce, see how your campaigns are impacting your company’s bottom line with analytics on cart size, click-through rates, and conversions.

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