Image Recognition Intelligence Software — IRIS — enables you to search for logos, objects,  scenes and similar photos across Instagram and Twitter







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IRISTM (Image Recognition Intelligence Software) is computer vision technology trained with proprietary algorithms to identify common characteristics in photos in order to recognize brand logos, objects (like faces), scenes (like sunsets, mountains, and beaches), and similar photos on social media. 







IRIS is a deep learning convolutional neural network, designed for greater flexibility and performance in 2D image analysis. To start, we feed IRIS hundreds of images of the “correct” item, which she then breaks into raw pixels to identify common characteristics she can recognize again in the wild.

The brain of the algorithm is made up of 128 unique layers, each designed to extract as much data as possible from the pixels to properly classify the image. IRIS is constantly learning, adapting, and updating to become ever more powerful and will only display an image if she has a high confidence score the image includes the desired item.

How it Works — The Nerdy Stuff

Image Recognition

How is IRIS Unique?

In addition to building IRIS using proprietary algorithms, she is also fully integrated with our existing UGC marketing platform. This gives marketers the ability to not only discover images, but to also obtain rights to use them and seamlessly publish them across their marketing channels, including their website, ads, social channels and online store.

Additionally, marketers can sort images found with IRIS by what's popular and trending, as well as conduct advanced searches to pinpoint the exact image they want with a combination of visual and text search. This combination of tools gives Chute the only end-to-end solution for delivering enterprise UGC for marketers. 

Pinpoint the best content to use in your marketing with a powerful visual search engine. Filter photos by keywords as well as what's inside the photo like logos, objects, scenes and similar photos.



Manage all of your brand’s visual media, including consumer photos and videos. This is your central hub to collect content, moderate, obtain consent, and publish - everywhere.


Source photos and videos, draft posts, schedule, and publish content to all of your social channels from one central place, including Instagram.


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