Why Is Influencer Marketing Important?

64% of millennials recommend a product at least once a month on social media.

One-third of millennials are, or aspire to be, influencers.

On average, marketers see a $6.50 return for every $1 spent on influencer marketing.


At Teen Vogue we often talk about the concept of social showrooming, especially as it relates to teenagers today. This audience desires to be seen and heard, and they fiercely support their fellow peers—projecting their own ‘influencer’ aspirations, which I believe drives this consumption. Along with a shared sense of identity, there’s also this illusion that social influencer status is more easily achievable in comparison to celebrity.
- STACY GRECO, Head of Integrated Marketing, Teen Vogue

Defining Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is the strategy of working with social media creators to tap into their cultivated community and captive audience. At Chute, we believe everyone has influence - some just have a larger reach than others. We categorize people into 3 main categories:

Consumers/Brand Advocates

The largest pool of users on Instagram - mostly sharing every day w/ friends & family. Not only are they influential among those people, this group is also a great source of authentic photos & videos for your brand. Don't underestimate the power of these influencers if you can find an effective way to engage with them. Photo by @kimmiieConsumers/Brand Advocates


These are people with growing influence. Many aspire to be professional influencers, while some are just happy to get the occasional free product. They will often have targeted, niche audiences & are usually more trusted because their communities are still intimate. Many are also willing to provide UGC for free. Photo by @izzymariehill Micro-Influencers

Top-Tier Influencers

Working with these creators will often be similar to working with a celebrity. Many are part of talent agencies, such as multi-channel networks. Photo by @trendwatcherzTop-Tier Influencers


We are strong collaborators with our creative community. We develop our content strategy in house, but when it comes to the actual content and execution we go out and find the right influencer partners in order to build tribes around our brand. If you try to build creative only in-house, your brand gets in the way - it stops providing value. Finding the right influencer takes time for us manually, but it’s a great way to help get our message out.
- DAVID BEEBE, VP Global Creative + Content Marketing, Marriott International

Chute Influence: Find & Work With Your Perfect Influencers

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Check out additional resources to get your influencer marketing program off the ground, including webinars and monthly reports.

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Your Influence Score - Picture.io

Everyone has social influence and many are curious to know just how influential they are. That's why Chute launched picture.io. Simply provide your Instagram user handle to get your score, as well as see your most popular and influential posts. Check back frequently to see how your score has changed.
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We all look to our friends and network, these people that influence us to broker our time and interest — whether it’s for products or ideas. It’s absolutely critical that brands nurture these relationships and, in a sense, piggyback on the trust and audience these influencers have gained. It’s one to one to many marketing.