How We Work with Enterprise Companies

Chute streamlines the process for creating great visual content for all of your marketing programs – especially when collaborating with multiple agencies, geographies and departments. With custom workflows and permissioning, Chute eliminates some of the angst involved in producing and publishing great visual content at scale.

  1. Capture

    Collect photos and videos shared by customers about your brand, industry or really any topic you can imagine.

  2. Insights

    Market smarter with social insights – identify influencers and alternate topics important to your audience, as well as trends and key geographies.

  3. Manage

    Create powerful, customizable workflows to match your organization’s needs, as well as control what gets published.

  1. Rights

    Request permission to use content from your fans. Our customers have an 85% acceptance rate, most within the first 5 minutes of the request.

  2. Publish

    Highlight your fans on your website, social channels, content marketing, online store, ads. In short – publish everywhere.

  3. Analyze

    Dive into analytics to understand how the content performed – from engagement, clicks, shares and reach.

Customer Examples

You need more visual content. And it needs to be effective. And it needs to be accessible by multiple people, sometimes spanning the globe. Chute automates the entire process – from bubbling up consumer trends to collecting customer photos and videos to publishing everywhere.

  • Competitive Benchmarks

  • Influencer Tracking

  • Live Displays

  • Social Hubs

  • Ads

  • Ecommerce

  • Contests

  • Shoppable Instagram

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