People spend 85% of their mobile time using the top messenger apps like Facebook Messenger, Kik, Slack and WhatsApp. Facebook is also the #1 social platform travelers turn to for travel inspiration. DESTINATION CONCIERGE™ enables marketers to reach travelers where they already are.

How Does It Work?

Chute receives information and data to build your brand’s perfect bot for mobile messenger apps like Facebook Messenger.

Travelers message your bot right on your Facebook page and are able to self-guide themselves to the needed answer in a choose-your-own-adventure format. This saves your staff time and resources from answering frequently asked questions. Plus, with 85% of travelers not making plans until they are in town, Destination Concierge™ makes it possible for you to help them to organize their day.

After a traveler engages the Destination Concierge™ bot, destination marketing teams can then follow up with those same travelers proactively with news, content updates, promotions, etc.

Marketers are also able to extract powerful analytics from quantity and quality of conversations and popularity of various questions to then inform future bot content and even to better understand travelers’ needs.


Our mission is to maximize travel and tourism opportunities throughout the five boroughs by providing resources for visitors to discover everything they need to know about what to do and see in NYC. However, today’s travelers are no longer just going to one resource or turning to visitor guides alone to research and plan. With so many outlets, it’s vital for destinations to be at the ready and reach travelers wherever they are.