Create More Engaging Content

Text-based content is necessary, yet visuals are critical for creating compelling content, clarifying your message, and engaging your audience. As part of the overall Chute platform, you can now enhance your text content with UGC videos or images found on social media in real time, as well as your owned/earned media, which can then be embedded into a blog, community site or published as a standalone webpage.

Easily Embed Photos & Videos Into Text-Based Posts

Chute Stories features a variety of tools that make it easy for marketers to create and customize text content quickly. The WYSIWYG editor includes headers and text blocks. Plus, drag-and-drop a mix of your owned or earned visual content with real-time images or videos shared to Instagram or Twitter, all within the same post.

Publish Chute Stories Across Articles, Blogposts & Websites

Once a story is published, a simple line of code can be embedded into blogposts, websites, Salesforce Community Cloud sites, or hosted as a standalone page.

Use Cases

ArticlesBuild visually appealing news articles or FAQs/how-to guides featuring product shots and UGC.Articles
BlogpostsEnhance your posts with a mix of owned or earned media, as well as drag-and-drop real-time photos & videos shared to Instagram or Twitter.Blogposts
Community SitesEasily add photos and videos to your how-to’s, guides and blogposts, or showcase event photos, within your community site to increase understanding and engagement.Community Sites