Why Is Influencer Marketing Important?

64% of millennials recommend a product at least once a month on social media.

One-third of millennials are, or aspire to be, influencers.

On average, marketers see a $6.50 return for every $1 spent on influencer marketing.

How Chute Helps You Find & Work With
The Right Influencers


Identify the niche interests important to a brand’s audience using social data, as well as demographic and affinity data.

Identify & Vet

Chute identifies and recommends influencers within these niche topics for a brand to engage with by looking at their current relevance, engagement and growth trend lines. Chute reviews the posts previously shared by a potential influencer or micro-influencer to identify any potential conflicts or content unfit for the brand.


Easily like and comment on social influencers' posts and content to both build and maintain relationships.


Chute simplifies the process for monitoring influencers to determine whether agreed upon content is posted on time and within agreed upon parameters.


Influence comes and goes. Chute monitors micro-influencers to continually identify emerging influencers, as well as identify those with waning influence.

Evaluate & Report Back

Compare engagement rates of posts shared by your micro-influencers against your branded posts, as well as to determine the most effective content and influencer partners. Receive a monthly report to share with your broader organization.

Influencer Marketing Resources

Learn the different types of influencers, download free influencer marketing reports, as well as learn your own personal influence score. Learn More


We all look to our friends and network, these people that influence us to broker our time and interest — whether it’s for products or ideas. It’s absolutely critical that brands nurture these relationships and, in a sense, piggyback on the trust and audience these influencers have gained. It’s one to one to many marketing.