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The Chute Platform

The only end-to-end enterprise UGC solution, providing visual search, insights, rights management and publishing for the entire marketing organization.

Chute Discover

Pinpoint the best content to use in your marketing with a powerful visual search engine. Filter photos by keywords as well as what’s inside the photo like logos, objects and scenes.
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Chute Workspace

Manage all of your brand’s visual media, including consumer photos and videos. This is your central hub to collect content, moderate, obtain consent, and publish - everywhere.
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Chute Social

Source photos and videos, draft posts, schedule, and publish content to all of your social channels from one central place, including Instagram.
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How Chute Works

Tap Into Social

Capture photos and videos relevant to your brand and industry via hashtags, people and the themes taking place on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Utilize Powerful Image Recognition

Chute’s intelligent image recognition tool, IRISTM, looks inside these photos to detect logos, objects, scenes and similar images, so you don’t miss any content or insights relevant to your brand, industry or competitors.

Discover Content & Inspiration

Find the best photos and glean inspiration for your marketing campaigns or even your next tweet! Search and filter by image recognition, keywords, people, what’s trending and most popular.

Get Permission

Chute was the first to introduce a rights management system, which remains the  best-in-class industry solution. Chute Rights allows you to request permission to use consumer photos and videos directly within Instagram, Twitter and Facebook - at scale.

Publish Everywhere

Automatically publish this content across all of your marketing channels and campaigns - from your website, online store, social accounts, ads, contests, live events, content marketing and OOH.

Measure Success

Analyze the results from high level campaign results down to how each photo performed on your social channels to evaluate success and improve for future initiatives.

How Our Customers Use Chute

We work with brands of all sizes, across numerous industries with the goal of automating the process for creating effective visual marketing - everything from content discovery to publishing to analytics.